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A Child’s Right to Read

To celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of Scholastic, we are bringing to you 90 of our greatest books published around the world. These include award-winning picture books, exciting works of non-fiction, brilliant Young Adult novels, and much more!

Starting today, we will share with you a book a day, every day, for 90 days. From fantasy to graphic novels to spine-chillers and poetry … you get to choose what you like best!

Let’s Begin with today’s pick:

Discover amazing facts about India through Anita Vachharajani’s Amazing India. It’s a state-by-state guide, especially for those bitten by the travel bug.
Did you know that India has twenty-eight states, seven union territories, a coastline of 7600 kilometers, several religions and over a billion people? And that’s not all. These states have their own regional languages, unique and magnificent cultures, arts and crafts and so much more! Fabulously illustrated, this book takes you on a tour of every state and union territory, treating you to the rich kaleidoscope that is India.

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