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Geronimo Stilton finally landed in India….

I was scampering around the aisle of the plane, trying to get my paws to wake up after thirteen hours of non-stop flying. That’s when the pilot announced that we must return to our seats as the plane would soon touch Indian ground.

Don’t be mistaken. I am no jet-setting, globetrotting mouse bitten by the travel flea. I am Geronimo Stilton, editor of The Rodent’s Gazette. I like to sit comfortably in my chair with a glass of hot cheese cider on my desk, and stacks of articles to proofread, and a book or two to write. But when editors at Scholratstic invited me to visit a country I have only heard fabumouse stories about, I was very tempted. And when Benjamin, my favorite nephew insisted that I go and use my experience to write my next book, I finally made up my mind and accepted the invitation.

So there I was, my heart beating like a drum at a Rockin’ Rats Concert, waiting to get off the plane and travel all over the enormouse country of India. First stop: Bangalore. And then nineteen other cities to go to. This is going to be a fantastic adventure indeed!

Cheesy good wishes to you all!


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One thought on “Geronimo Stilton finally landed in India….

  1. Samhitha Sankar on said:

    Yay! Finally, I’m gonna get to meet Geronimo in person! I love all his books 🙂

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