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Great Start To My Indian Adventure-Bangalore(Cubbon Park- 29th May)

            Elieka was right. Cool, breezy and serene, Cubbon Park is indeed a wonderful retreat from the city within the city! The morning sky was beautiful and fresh, and my fans and I had a fabumouse time reading and listening, sharing jokes and laughter.

            I was however disappointed that there were no paneer pakora stalls, so Elieka took me to Barbeque Station for lunch, where I ate spicy grilled paneer to my heart’s content. It was soon time for me to return to my hotel room to prepare myself for my next destination, the pleasant city of Hosur. I presented Elieka with some of my popular books when she came to take me to the taxi stand. She squeaked her gratitude and confessed that she has long been an admirer of my writing.

            Friendly fans, mouth-watering food, beautiful gardens and placid lakes – this has been a great start to my Indian adventure! Benjamin, my nephew, has already asked me to write my next book about my time in India. Not a bad idea, eh?


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