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Whale of a Time in Hosur!

What a fantabumouse time it’s been so far! But you all know I’m a bit of a laidback mouse. So I decided to take it easy after three memorable days inIndia. The weather in Hosur was wonderful. Soft breezes caressed my fur as I stood in the balcony of my hotel room and took in the beautiful view.

After a delicious hot lunch I began to feel a bit drowsy. I had been warned that Indian food tends to soothe a weary traveler’s paws. Weary or not, I did not want to miss my ratnap, and soon fell into a deep sleep. I must have been tired after all, because when I woke up it was the middle of the night! I think I am still struggling to get used to the new time zone.

I had only the next morning in Hosur before I caught the train that goes to Vellore. So I spent the last few hours of the night rummaging through the pages of the book my sister Thea had shoved into my paws before I left NewMouseCity. It was India for the Not-so-holed-up Mouse that advised me to make a quick trip to theHogenakalFalls across River Kaveri. I was alone, walking along the bank of the river, thinking about sending flowers to my folks. Did you know that Hosur exports flowers to numerous countries around the world, even to places as far asFurflungIsland?

I must have wandered into the forest while thus ruminating, because when I took notice I realized I was surrounded by all sorts of trees, and a rather peculiar one towered over me. My heart started to beat faster than a rodent on the run from a hungry cat, because the odd, leafless tree was in fact a giant Indian elephant! It’s widely known that I’m a bit of a ‘fraidy mouse. I turned tail and was about to scurry away at top speed, but the elephant nudged me with its snout, put me on her back and gave me a tour of the lush and beautiful forest!

I returned to my hotel after having a whale of a time. While saying goodbye, Ana the friendly elephant told me that it was an adventure she’d never forget! I had been feeling lonely and even a bit homesick the day before, but I was once again filled with excitement and looking forward to reaching my next destination,Vellore!


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