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Geronimo visits Vellore—A Bit of Fun and Too Much Sun!

   My energy cheese sticks have finally come in handy. I’m inVellore and my fur is drenched in sweat! Now I don’t have a snout for adventure, but you all know that adventure always gets its way and drags me out of my mousehole. Only this time, it was the Vellore Fort that did it. I was sitting in a taxi, looking forward to the cushy bed of my new hotel room, when I was awe-struck by a grand monument in the distance. When I exclaimed, the taxi driverat started telling me about the Vijayanagara Empire, the headquarters of which were within the fort centuries ago.

I may not be a dauntless mouse, but history always captures my attention. I decided to stop by the fort, look around and take photographs. My driverat Rajni Ratnakumar enthusiastically walked along with me as he narrated the story of the royal Raya family that built the fort in the sixteenth century. We visited a temple, a mosque, and a church, all within the premises of the fort!

I made notes feverishly as Rajni continued with his narration, but soon my head started to spin and my notepad and pen dropped from my paws. When I opened my eyes I found myself lying on a bed in a hotel room, Rajni staring at me with a look of deep concern on his face. He told me I’d had something like a heatstroke.

Well, I’m no supermouse. And four days of fun-filled adventures deserve to be followed by a good night’s sleep. So let me nibble on some energy sticks and get some shuteye.

I will be on my way to Pondicherry tomorrow. I hear the beaches there are splendid, and many a dog-tired mouse goes to this city to meditate in peace. Peace and quiet for two days before I hit the road again. That does sound welcome!


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