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Geronimo — Sunbathing at Mahe Beach!

Pondicherry is the perfect place for the heat-stricken mouse to cool off in. And the best way to do that is by lying on your tummy with a book in one paw and a glass of coconut water in the other, soaking up the pleasant sun at Mahe Beach, letting the cool breeze ruffle up your fur.

This is exactly what I did for hours on end on my first day in Pondi, as the people here fondly call this terrific city. I’m now back in my hotel room, and have asked Room Service to bring up a plate of chilli paneer.

Tomorrow I plan to be a meditative mouse. Which means I plan to take a tour of the serene grounds of Auroville, and then meditate with a group of rodents.  Did you know that Auroville is a unique township in which rodents from all over the world live together in peace and harmony? I think I may have found the perfect place to scurry to for good if my annoying cousin Trap continues to get under my fur!


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