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I am a Peace-loving Mouse

   I have found peace at last! If lots of danger and mysterious strangers have a knack for seeking you out even when you’re hiding in a mousehole in Furflung Island, you should seek refuge in the tranquil township of Auroville. I spent the day meditating with a group of peace-loving and peace-seeking rodents (much like myself) from around the globe. There was Mousushka Smirnov from Russia, Antonio Cleopatrat from Egypt, Mousanjali Sankar from the subcontinent itself, and many others who had all come together to find and celebrate peace.

Before packing my bags, I treated myself to a very relaxing ayurvedic massage at the hotel spa. Now that my muscles are agile again, I think I’m ready for my next session with my fans, this time in Chennai!


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