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Chennai Summer’s a Bit of a Bummer but the people are Cheddarific!

My fur continues to burn. I’m not saying it’s impossible for a foreign mouse to have fun in Chennai, but this certainly isn’t the right season. I have still managed to make a trip to Crocodile Park on the outskirts of the city, and I must say the drive along the beautiful coastline is something I’d like to do again. But maybe in winter. The crocodiles on the other hand were far too many, and they stared at me with such evil grins on their faces that I quickly scampered out and drove back to my hotel.

The food in Chennai has also not agreed with my tummy (and in the morning I had a craving for Tina Spicytail’s delicious cheese chowder soup), so now I must scurry to the pharmousist’s store to get some Dicheese. I hope to be fit and healthy , because I am so looking forward to meeting my mouse fans from Chennai at my next reading soon!


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