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A Landmark Event in Chennai!

The sultry summer weather was getting under my fur, but yesterday’s event has really lifted my spirits! I was at Landmark, a bookstore that will enthrall any weary book-loving travel writer who is on the road in southern India. By the way, did I mention that I am thinking about trying my paw at travel writing? I enjoy being a holed-up mouse, but the India tour has been so much fun so far that it surely deserves to be written about!

But let’s get back to Landmark. It’s a bookstore that will turn all bookstores in New Mouse City green with jealousy. And at this fabumouse place I read from one of my books to my wonderful fans, and signed many copies for them. After the event, I filled up my backpack with excellent books by Indian writers I have always wanted to read. I have also picked up a book that will help me learn some Indian languages. It’s been smooth sailing these few days, but the photographers at the book-reading sessions always ask us to say cheese in languages I don’t understand, so in many photographs you will see fans smiling broadly with a goofy writer in their midst, lost in thoughts of cheddar cheesecake.  

I have arrived in Hyderabad, but I’m waiting for the sun to set so that I can see the city without having to use sunblock. Jagratha, Hyderabad mice!



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One thought on “A Landmark Event in Chennai!

  1. Thank you..really informative!!

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