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Happy in Hyderabad

I have never felt so content in my life. After watching the sun set behind the horizon of Hussain Sagar Lake, I took a taxi to Ramoji Film City, the world’s largest film studio complex. I was lucky enough to catch an ongoing shoot for the movie Chuhe ki Rashee. I was busy admiring the set when a beautiful mouse in a gorgeous sari tapped me on my shoulder and asked me for my autograph. She was squeaking with admiration, and said she was an ardent fan of my writing and adventures. I think my fur turned red, but I managed to stay composed and took the pen from her. Before signing, I asked her what her name was. I am sure she saw stars in my eyes when I realized this was the famous Priyanka Choprat, and was here to do a scene for the movie the set of which I’d been admiring!

One thing led to another, and after Priyanka finished shooting, she asked me out to dinner at her favourite restaurant in Hyderabad, the Water Front. We helped ourselves to biriyani till our stomachs were fit to burst. Priyanka expressed her wish to be considered for a role if one my books got adapted for a movie. I couldn’t make promises about the movie, but she will certainly feature in my book on India—you have a rodent’s word on that!

It’s now time to check out of my hotel and fly to the ancient city of Bhubaneswar. Until next time, mouse fans!


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