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Soaking up Oriya History!

I’ve been soaking up the sun and the history in the marvelous Temple City of India. But I must also tell you that I went out to sea on a boat with some fishermice this morning. The waves at the Puri beach are a little menacing, and the wobbling boat sent shivers down my tail. I might even have felt a bit seasick. So I hurried the mice back to shore.

Safe tourism suits me so much better. Thinking this, I rented a taxi after breakfast and went temple-hopping. TheJagannathTempleheld my interest for a while, but soon the number of mice around me grew so much that I had to squeeze my way out for some salty sea air.

My driverat told me I cannot leave Orissa without seeing the Konark Sun Temple, so we made our way to this thirteenth century marvel. The temple grounds were vast, and I soon got lost in the maze of the many beautiful old structures. When the scorching sun started to make me dizzy, I realized I had spent several hours there, and found my way out of the labyrinth. I did not want a repeat of the Vellore blackout incident.

My fishmice friends have invited me to a bonfire at the Puri beach tomorrow. Since I have one more day before I leave for the city of joy, I think I’ll pay them a visit one last time. As long as I don’t have to wobble on giant waves, I’m ready to be a beach mouse!


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