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Bonfire party at the Beach!

The bonfire at the Puri beach was going quite well till my tail caught fire. Have I mentioned that I am a bit of a monastic mouse? I find peace in cozying up in my mousehole, writing books for my loyal readers. But adventure always draws me out.

This evening my fihsermice friends convinced me to join them in their revelry over having caught an unusually large number of fish in the morning. Many glasses of cheese ciders later, they joined paws and sang and danced around the fire. I was quietly sipping on some cider myself, watching my friends have a good time, when they pulled me up and dragged me into the circle. In spite of myself, I started to feel giddy with merriment. But as luck would have it, while I hopped and skipped around happily, the wind suddenly blew in my tail’s direction, burnt its tip and sent me scurrying to the sea in an attempt to put the fire out.

With a bandaged tail, I am now packing my bags for Kolkata. I am confident that my mouse fans there will be able to cheer me up!


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