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Enriched at Dilli Haat!

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Dilli Haat is the most colourful place I’ve seen in the subcontinent so far. Food stalls and craft stalls from every corner of India, and my lovely mouse fans to enjoy it all with. When it started to rain while I was still reading out of The Karate Mouse, I was afraid the event was going to turn into a complete washout. I cut the long story short when my fur got drenched in the rainwater, and we took shelter under some clay huts that filled my snout with the smell of rain, so comforting to a mouse who has been traveling for days on end under the hot Indian summer sun.

While we waited for the rain to stop, my fans clicked photos with me, and I signed copies of my books. I was deeply touched to see so many fans scampering around for just one chance to squeak with me. The glee on Rehan Kumaramouse’s face when I shook paws with him was especially touching.

Afterwards, when my fur had dried, I soaked my stomach with fruit beer, and gorged on cheese-filled momos! I was delighted to learn that my Scholratstic friends have very healthy appetites when it comes to cheese, much like mine. We had a joyous time talking about my fantabumouse adventure inIndiaso far, after which they dropped me off at the airport so that I could catch my flight to my next destination, the blue city of Rajasthan. Hint, hint!


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