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Wah Taj!

When it comes to architecture, nothing compares to the Taj Mahal! That’s right, I have arrived at my next destination, and am overwhelmed like never before by the architectural grandeur of the city of Agra!

I have spent the entire day marveling at the perfect geometry of all the structures and the beautiful designs. The mice of centuries ago were so remarkably talented. This thought struck me when I saw numerous tourists outside the Taj taking photographs in funny positions with their hands in the air shaped like a lotus bud. When I asked one of the photographers to explain this amusing phenomenon, he almost coerced me into following suit. My fur turned red when I noticed people watching me strike a pose. Some even recognized me and started squeaking, “Geronimo! Geronimo Stilton!” Soon I was taking photographs with my Agra fans and striking all kinds of poses in front of the magnificent structure; I even jumped up in the air a few times. When the photographs were printed, I was surprised to see that my fans and I were all touching the tip of the Taj Mahal! What a neat trick!

I am scheduled to visit the Agra Fort today evening. I hear it is as interesting as the Taj, in terms of architecture as well as history. And the views of the Taj from the Fort are supposed to be outstanding.

This adventure keeps getting better and better. I wonder what awaits me in the capital!

See you in Delhi tomorrow, mouse fans!


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One thought on “Wah Taj!

  1. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

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