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Jodhpur—Bluer than Bleu Cheese!

I was slightly unsure about going to Rajasthan in the summer. A desert is no friend to a traveling mouse in the dry and torrid season.

But I was wrong! Jodhpur is fascinating, and the colors there would even rival those in Dilli Haat! And the architecture is indeed breathtaking. A tour guide showed me all around the beautiful and spellbinding Mehrangarh Fort. From the top of the fort I got a panoramic view of the blue city of Jodhpur.

My fur was drenched in sweat yet again because of all the sightseeing I did, but I found a lassi stall nearby. Oh how sweet and satisfying this fabumouse drink was!

I am back in my hotel room, and wondering if hit-and-scurry holidays are a wise idea after all. I would have loved to spend at least a week in each of the places I have seen so far. Maybe after I retire from The Rodent’s Gazette? But for now, I’ll be off to my next destination, the white city!


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