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Beautiful Bhopal!


I have done a fair deal of scampering and scurrying in the last three weeks, and every time I leave a city, I think I’ve seen it all. But all I have to do is arrive in the next city to be proved wrong.

I reached Bhopal today and was instantly micemerized by its beautiful gardens and enormouse lakes. After a quick ratnap and a nibble of cheese at the hotel, I set out to explore this wonderful city. My first stop was the Taj-ul-Masjid which was simply amazing with its huge dome and towering arches. The guide squeaked at great length about all the rulers it had seen. After the valuable architecture and history lesson, I cooled off my paws in the great Upper Lake.

I then made my way to the Van Vihar National Park where I saw a lion, a tiger and a panther sunbathing leisurely. On the way back, I decided to make a stop at a bookstore. I had only been browsing for a few minutes when the manager let out a squeal of recognition. He excitedly shook my paw and proudly showed me the aisle where my books were stacked. He told me that they were always in demand. I was delighted by this news. I noticed a group of young rats keenly observing all this. When they saw me looking at them, they shyly walked up and asked for autographs. Looking at them, I was reminded of my favorite nephew, Benjamin.

After my eventful day, I was feeling quite exhausted and made my way back to the hotel. At the front desk I enquired where I could grab a bite. The concierge guided me to an excellent cheestaurant and also advised that a view of Bhopal in the evening from one of the surrounding hills was something I should not miss. That sounds like a perfect way to spend a relaxed evening before heading off to Aurangabad.


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