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Magnificent Adventures in Aurangabad!

I got a letter from Benjamin today asking me where I was and whether I was enjoying myself. Overjoyed at receiving word from home, I promptly sat down to pen down my reply. I informed him that I had arrived at Aurangabad, and that everything was simply fantabumouse.

I told Benjamin about my new friend, Raju Arorat. We met in the lobby of my hotel when I was checking in. He happened to be reading one of my books, and when he saw me came over to introduce himself. As we got to squeaking, I found out that he was a tourist himself. So, we decided to go sightseeing together.

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I thought I saw the Taj Mahal as we made our first stop. Chuckling at my flabbergasted face, Raju Arorat told me not to get my whiskers in a twist since we had reached Bibi Ka Maqbara, a look-alike of the Taj Mahal.

As we got closer, I realized that it was similar but had a distinct sense of beauty. Our next stop was the Shahganj Masjid where I fell in love with the beautiful architecture.  We then made our way to the famouse ElloraCaves. I was enraptured by the living proofs of history present in these humungmouse caves. On the way back, we crossed many arch-like structures which acted as gates to the city in the olden times. Raju Arorat told me that it was because of these edifices that Aurangabad had been nicknamed ‘City of Gates’.

My new friend had an excellent nose for cheese and picked out a wonderful place for lunch. I got to know that he actually owned a Paneer factory! Due to the wonder and interest I expressed, he let me in on some of his carefully guarded trade secrets. It got me thinking and I contemplated the idea of opening up a factory of my own with Trap when I get back. Maybe when I’m not busy with The Rodent’s Gazette?

It was evening by the time we called it a day. I thanked Raju for a wonderful time and promised to keep in touch. After I got back to my room and posted the letter to Benjamin, I kicked back my paws and enjoyed the view from the hotel. Just as I had washed my whiskers and donned my nightclothes to retire to bed, I got a call from my Scholratstic friends telling me that they were looking forward to seeing me in Goa the following morning. After a short conversation, I got under the covers and fell into a deep sleep filled with cheesy dreams.


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