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Living up Life in Goa

Hola fans! I’m in Goa, the land of the sun, sand and the sea. With all the sightseeing I’ve been doing, my paws were getting quite sore and my fur was beginning to lose its shine. But, as soon as I sniffed the wonderful salty sea air, I knew it was the perfect setting to just sit back, relax and rejuvenate.

My Scholratstic friends were there to pick me up when I arrived. The warm welcome they gave me made me realize how close we had gotten and just how much I was going to miss them when I went back.

Once I got settled into my room at the hotel, I quickly changed into my beach gear, grabbed my sunglasses and headed off to the beach. It looked absolutely magnificent! The water was a lovely, shimmering blue and mice were scattered all over, taking a dip in the water, playing games, or just soaking up the sun. I grabbed myself a beach chair, set down all my stuff and scampered off to the water. Not wanting to get too wet, I waded in only till the water was halfway up my paws. The water was deliciously cool and I could already feel myself relax. I began to walk along the length of the beach, just enjoying the view. I even gathered some beautiful shells to take back home. When I was tired, I got back to my beach chair, and ordered a drink from the nearby shack. Oh, what ecstasy to just lie there and sunbathe while lazily sipping cheese ciders!

When my stomach began to squeak with hunger, I got back to the hotel. Lunch was first-rate. They had a variety of cheese and in every possible form, ranging from melted to cubes, along with coconuts and cashews that Goa is famous for. These people sure know how to pamper a mouse!

I spent the evening with a map and my copy of the Not-So-Holed-Up-Mouse planning
out something more exciting.

I’ll get back to you folks tomorrow, telling you all about my second day inGoa.


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