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For Kids By Kids: The Best of Scholastic Writing Awards 2012

The Scholastic Writing Awards competition has been around for quite some time now. Held annually at the national level, the competition is an attempt to find and foster our country’s most talented young writers. In 2007, Scholastic decided to encourage them further by publishing some of the award-winning entries. And so, the first of the For Kids By Kids series was published that year, featuring the best of the Scholastic Writing Awards 2007.

For Kids By Kids is back again for the sixth consecutive year with a riot of fresh, vibrant voices. Carefully selected from over 2000 entries by a distinguished panel of judges, the stories in this collection cover a wide range of genres and styles, from gritty war stories to science fiction to funny, slice-of-life first-person accounts. While some of them display a keen sense of social awareness, others deal with ecological issues, without ever taking on an overly preachy or didactic tone. There are also narratives laced with humour, wit and quiet wisdom. Most of the stories in this anthology have been written with such surprising sensitivity that it is difficult to believe they’ve been penned by children below sixteen.

If you want a taste of what India’s literary scene might be like in the future, this is the book to watch out for.


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