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One Nation Reading Together 2012

Mark your calendar. On the 30th of November 2012, thousands of children across the country will be reading together.


The One Nation Reading Together campaign was launched by Scholastic in 2008. Schools from all over India were invited to celebrate the pleasures of the written word by spending a specified amount of time reading for fun and engaging in book-related activities.

The most special thing about ONRT is that it also provides books to those who normally don’t have access to them. For every school that participates in the event, Scholastic donates a certain number of books to an NGO or the library of a needy school.

The number of participating schools has steadily grown over the years. Around 900 schools were involved in the event in 2011, and over 85,000 books were presented to underprivileged children. This year, more than 6000 schools have been invited. Each of the participating schools will receive a kit containing a reading pledge (in both Hindi and English), two graffiti wall posters and a certificate of participation.

The event usually starts with the children reading a special pledge written by a well-known author. We are thrilled to announce that the 2012 reading pledge has been written by the beloved children’s writer Ruskin Bond.


Let’s celebrate books this November!



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