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Scholastic Early Science

A lonely little turtle wants a friend who looks just like her, and so sets out to find one. On the way, she meets some fascinating creatures—a crusty crab, a silly seahorse, a sleepy starfish, a jolly jellyfish and many others who become her friends.  Tiny Turtle inside pages

Tiny Turtle Wants a Friend is an exquisitely illustrated book that introduces young children to some of the amazing creatures that live in the ocean and also teaches an important lesson about friendship.

The Scholastic Early Science series is designed to help acquaint children with various facts about the world through a combination of vivid, captivating pictures and smart storytelling. Many of the books revolve around different aspects of the animal kingdom.

Silly Dilly, a delightful story about a frightened duckling, familiarises children  with numerous animals while Small Piglet Looks for Mommy revolves around baby animals and birds.

Silly Dilly

Small Piglet Looks for Mommy









In Mouse Sees the World, an adventurous mouse sets out to discover the world and meets many creatures en route. Sadly nobody has the time to accompany him because they are all busy foraging for food. The book teaches children about the eating habits of animals, birds and insects.

Little Koel finds His SongLittle Monkey Gets Lost is a similar title which tells children about where different creatures live and what their homes are made of. Little Koel Finds His Song is a charming story about a baby koel in search of someone who can teach him to sing, that helps children learn about birds.

The Scholastic Early Science books make excellent teaching tools for children who have started to read and are ready to grasp basic information about the world around them.

There’s also a board game that comes free with the new box set which includes all the titles so far!

Board game back

And watch out for the newest title in the series, Little Rabbit Learns About Rain, written by author Kuntie Ramdat Balkaran.


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