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Adventures Series

We’d  like to announce the launch of two new adventure series by Scholastic India—Scholastic Young Adventures and Scholastic Junior Adventures.

These new series include books with gripping adventure stories interlaid with maps, puzzles and games to keep the reader hooked till the end.

Scholastic Junior Adventures includes Deepa Agarwal’s The Game of Shadows, and the recently published Elbie’s Quest by Manjul Bajaj.

The Scholastic Young Adventures series includes Aditi De’s The Secret of the Rainbow Phoenix: A Jorkel Dorkel Adventure.

The books in this series have been designed and illustrated by Team Oktopus which comprises of two illustrators from Chile, Constanza and Diego Mahaluf.

Connect with this series in the following ways:

  •  Locate the series logos on the attached book covers.
  •  Watch the Elbie’s Quest book trailer on the following link:

  • Share this link on your Facebook page to get more people to know about this new book.
  • Check out Elbie’s Quest on Elbie’s Facebook page:

Happy reading!



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