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Awesome India by Andrew Cope

My recent trip to India was a bit of an eye-opener. I crammed 5 cities and 13 school visits into 5 days and normally that would be exhausting. But I returned home energised and positive. You are AMAZING! Thank you Scholastic and thank you India.

As well as being a children’s author, I am also a scientist, so brace yourself for some big thoughts! For the last 10 years I’ve been studying the science of happiness and positivity so as well as talking about my new book, I also took the opportunity of sharing some top tips on how to feel good. So, first things first, I learned that Indian teenagers are under the same pressures as the rest of the world’s teenagers. Possibly even more, certainly in terms of pressure to do well at school. And because the pressures of life are so massive, it’s easy to be negative.

Here’s something to consider. The chances are, you’ve been lied to about ‘happiness’. Happiness is sold to you as a pot of emotional gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s ‘over there’ somewhere. You will be happy when you get good grades. Or when you finish your homework. Or when your mum stops nagging you. Or when you get to university. Or when you get married…

In ‘The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager’ we dare to challenge your thinking. What if happiness isn’t at the far end of the rainbow? What if that wonderful pot of happiness gold is at your end? What if it’s a big fat X-marks the spot and it’s right here, right now?

Andy Cope Teenager Cover lowIn fact, here’s the biggest thought of all; what if happiness is the starting point, not the end point. So, for example, what if it’s the happiest teenagers that do best at school? What if being happy now is the key to doing better homework and creating stronger relationships? What if mums don’t nag happy teenagers? (I appreciate that might be a pushing the point too far!)

In short, I think too many teenagers are looking for happiness in the wrong place. Our simple little book is designed to get you to look in the only place you will ever find happiness – within.

It’s not a book about religion. It’s totally based on science. But, great news, it’s the most ‘un-science’ book ever. It’s a full-colour blast of common sense. We wanted to make you laugh and think. But more than that, we wanted to give you some learning that will set you up for a happy life.

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