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Whale of a Time in Hosur!

What a fantabumouse time it’s been so far! But you all know I’m a bit of a laidback mouse. So I decided to take it easy after three memorable days inIndia. The weather in Hosur was wonderful. Soft breezes caressed my fur as I stood in the balcony of my hotel room and took in the beautiful view.

After a delicious hot lunch I began to feel a bit drowsy. I had been warned that Indian food tends to soothe a weary traveler’s paws. Weary or not, I did not want to miss my ratnap, and soon fell into a deep sleep. I must have been tired after all, because when I woke up it was the middle of the night! I think I am still struggling to get used to the new time zone.

I had only the next morning in Hosur before I caught the train that goes to Vellore. So I spent the last few hours of the night rummaging through the pages of the book my sister Thea had shoved into my paws before I left NewMouseCity. It was India for the Not-so-holed-up Mouse that advised me to make a quick trip to theHogenakalFalls across River Kaveri. I was alone, walking along the bank of the river, thinking about sending flowers to my folks. Did you know that Hosur exports flowers to numerous countries around the world, even to places as far asFurflungIsland?

I must have wandered into the forest while thus ruminating, because when I took notice I realized I was surrounded by all sorts of trees, and a rather peculiar one towered over me. My heart started to beat faster than a rodent on the run from a hungry cat, because the odd, leafless tree was in fact a giant Indian elephant! It’s widely known that I’m a bit of a ‘fraidy mouse. I turned tail and was about to scurry away at top speed, but the elephant nudged me with its snout, put me on her back and gave me a tour of the lush and beautiful forest!

I returned to my hotel after having a whale of a time. While saying goodbye, Ana the friendly elephant told me that it was an adventure she’d never forget! I had been feeling lonely and even a bit homesick the day before, but I was once again filled with excitement and looking forward to reaching my next destination,Vellore!


Great Start To My Indian Adventure-Bangalore(Cubbon Park- 29th May)

            Elieka was right. Cool, breezy and serene, Cubbon Park is indeed a wonderful retreat from the city within the city! The morning sky was beautiful and fresh, and my fans and I had a fabumouse time reading and listening, sharing jokes and laughter.

            I was however disappointed that there were no paneer pakora stalls, so Elieka took me to Barbeque Station for lunch, where I ate spicy grilled paneer to my heart’s content. It was soon time for me to return to my hotel room to prepare myself for my next destination, the pleasant city of Hosur. I presented Elieka with some of my popular books when she came to take me to the taxi stand. She squeaked her gratitude and confessed that she has long been an admirer of my writing.

            Friendly fans, mouth-watering food, beautiful gardens and placid lakes – this has been a great start to my Indian adventure! Benjamin, my nephew, has already asked me to write my next book about my time in India. Not a bad idea, eh?

Bangalore-Here I Come…

My sister Thea told me it wasn’t a good idea to go to India in the summer. She knows I’m no tough-it-out kind of mouse. I hate to admit that she is right. Excited as I was about my Indian holiday, I had put a stash of energy cheese sticks in my backpack.

But the Bangalore sun is no monstrous cat. It smiled down cheerfully as I made my way to my hotel in an awesome ratmobile that runs on three tiny wheels. As the sun slowly set behind the horizon, I realized this city was actually as cool as a tub of cheesy chunks ice cream!

As I unpacked and put away the now unnecessary energy sticks, I decided to go on a short tour of the city the following day. At 7 am sharp, when I was still groggy in my nightclothes, I was pleasantly surprised and a little embarrassed when Elieka, my charming tour guide, handed me the day’s itinerary. Soon we were off visiting lush gardens, and ended the day by biking around the calm waters of Hesaraghatta Lake.

But things got even better by evening. My book-reading session at Reliance Timeout was a huge success. I was deeply touched by the number of fans that had come to hear me read from one of my books. I signed numerous copies for them, and clicked many photographs with a broad grin on my face. The manager of the store even treated me to paneer pakoras, fried Indian cheese, a little spicy for my tongue, but whisker-lickin’ good!

Elieka is taking me to Cubbon Park tomorrow. She says it is a marvelous retreat from the usual Bangalore crowds, and the perfect place for my next reading. I’m looking forward to meeting my fans again, but I’m also hoping there will be a paneer pakora stall nearby. Those things are addictive!

The Great India Greonimo Tour-Bangalore

Geronimo Stilton finally landed in India….

I was scampering around the aisle of the plane, trying to get my paws to wake up after thirteen hours of non-stop flying. That’s when the pilot announced that we must return to our seats as the plane would soon touch Indian ground.

Don’t be mistaken. I am no jet-setting, globetrotting mouse bitten by the travel flea. I am Geronimo Stilton, editor of The Rodent’s Gazette. I like to sit comfortably in my chair with a glass of hot cheese cider on my desk, and stacks of articles to proofread, and a book or two to write. But when editors at Scholratstic invited me to visit a country I have only heard fabumouse stories about, I was very tempted. And when Benjamin, my favorite nephew insisted that I go and use my experience to write my next book, I finally made up my mind and accepted the invitation.

So there I was, my heart beating like a drum at a Rockin’ Rats Concert, waiting to get off the plane and travel all over the enormouse country of India. First stop: Bangalore. And then nineteen other cities to go to. This is going to be a fantastic adventure indeed!

Cheesy good wishes to you all!

Geronimo Wiggles Whiskers in India!

Geronimo Stilton, editor, of the newspaper-Rodents Gazzette is here on the first Ever Indian Tour.

Meet Geronimo in your cities –Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai..,dramatized readings, buggy rides, free audio books, activity sheets and great deals this summer ….
For more mousy fun.,,,watch this space, everyday and also win fab Geronimo merchandise.

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